Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Partha Datta Ray, CEO and Founding CTO, Albeado

Partha Datta Ray

Partha developed AI systems for predicting performance of large scale network systems and optimizing their operations at AT&T Bell Laboratories. He founded Albeado in 2010 with the goal of making learning models not only deliver higher accuracy but also the interpretability needed by business users to trust and effectively use resulting predictions to explain systems performance and control their outcome.

He has been part of multiple EDA Software ventures and Semiconductor Chip Design teams and brings more than 30 years of experience in software and systems business as senior executive of successful startups and of large organizations such as AT&T Bell Laboratories, Silicon Compilers (acquired by Mentor Graphics), Telerate (acquired by Dow Jones), TeraBlaze (acquired by Agere) and LSI Logic.

He has eight granted and pending patents and multiple publications in areas of Network architecture and network based contextual learning. He has chaired technical committees for IEEE and has been invited keynote speaker at business conferences.

Partha holds a MSEE&CS from Rutgers and has conducted advanced academic industrial research work at leading institutes. He currently is the Principal Investigator of an Innovation Research Award in the area of AI in Healthcare and is a panel reviewer for NSF grant proposals.

Atul Agarwal, VP Engineering and customer support, Co-founder

Atul Agarwal

Atul has more than 28 years of experience in building complex enterprise software systems and currently heads a team of engineers building a framework for developing and securely integrating AI and ML applications in telecom, industrial automation and healthcare sector.

Before Albeado, he founded multiple technology startups and successfully grown Apt Software which provides software development and product engineering services to many technology startups in the Silicon Valley and organizations around the world in diverse areas like energy exploration, utility operation, mobile applications for ecommerce and entertainment sectors and semiconductor design and services He currently heads the Albeado India Design Center.

He earned his BS at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and MS in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

Razvan Bohatel, Chief Software Architect

Razvan Bohatel

Before Albeado, Razvan has led multiple teams over the last 21 years, providing integration and development services as well as customs engineering for companies like Intellisync, Nokia and Microsoft. Much of this time he was focused on the development and integration of complex and highly scalable data management and coherence solutions including heterogeneous database synchronization solutions.

Razvan earned his MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Lule Yu, PhD, Lead Data Scientist

Lule Yu

A distinguished Data Scientist, Lule has spent the last 10 years in computational modeling and data analysis and has published over 30 high-impact scientific journals and international conference proceedings and has participated in 13 invited talks at national and international conferences.

At Albeado, she has helped develop a healthcare fraud detection system which extracts hidden network features to boost the detection accuracy and deliver the explanation for prediction using graph theory and network analysis. The system has been implemented as a high-speed parallel-distributed anomaly detection system and is part of the PRISMTM platform to analyze high volume imbalanced insurance claims data. She has also developed forecasting systems using intermittent time series forecasting models applied for inventory optimization at various customers.

She earned her Ph.D. in Physics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2012 and has also worked at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Ying Jiang, PhD, Lead Data Scientist

Ying Jiang

Ying has more than 11 years in data science modeling and data analysis. At Albeado she has focused on developing platforms and applications for Manufacturing outcome prediction, Data center incidence management and advanced Telecom operations. She has patents and publications in diverse areas ranging from Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor for Influenza Detection to Mechanochromic materials and their potential for biological and healthcare applications.

Ying earned her MS and Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2011 and her BS (summa cum laude) from Cornell University in 2005.

Koshy George, Finance and HR

George Koshy

Koshy heads Albeado’s Finance and HR and is a licensed CPA and a Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Koshy has 30+ Years of Professional Experience with the Big Four and several Major Fortune 1000 Global corporations before he launched his own Practice as a Public Accountant 11 years back. Koshy specializes in servicing Start Up and Small Business as a Tax, Accounting and Business Advisory Services Professional. He is also involved with Retirement Distribution Planning services and is the President of America’s Tax Solutions Inc. based in San Diego, CA.

When not engaged in the Practice of Public Accounting, Koshy loves Reading, Debating, Trekking and also indulges in Music and Cooking. He lives in Almaden Valley, San Jose with his wife and daughter.

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