Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Dr. Paul Beaupre, MD, MBA,
CEO, St. John’s Medical Center

Dr. Paul Beaupre

Dr. Paul Beaupre, MD, MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer of St. John’s Medical Center. Dr. Beaupre earlier served as the CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital (San Jose, California).

In the Silicon Valley medical community, he is considered a pioneer for his commitment to using technologies and strategic models to improve patient outcome and care quality along with making the hospital services more efficient. He introduced the “journey to excellence,” a commitment to improving patient-care quality and enhancing the patient’s experience.

Dr. Andrew Nguyen, PhD, UCSF;
Professor of Health informatics and Entrepreneur

Dr. Andrew Nguyen

Andrew got his PhD in Biological and Medical Informatics from University of California, San Francisco, after getting his BS in EE and Computer Engineering from UC San Diego. He is currently a Professor at the University of San Francisco where he teaches Health Care Data Analytics and Clinical Decision Support.

Andrew is also the co-founder and CTO of klaraHealth, a digital health startup that is solving the data usability problem by making it easy for anyone to work with healthcare data, with an initial focus in behavioral health and therapy management. Andrew’s other interests include integration and analysis of physiological sensor data to quickly and accurately detect changes in a patient’s clinical state.

Dr. Erfan Ibrahim, PhD
Ex-Director at National Renewable Energy Laboratory, DOE

Dr. Erfan Ibrahim

Dr. Erfan Ibrahim brings 28 years of professional experience after his PhD in Nuclear Engineering. NREL is a Department of Energy Lab focused on all aspects of renewable energy, environment, energy efficiency, and computational science and biological sciences.

Dr. Ibrahim has worked in diverse areas including Telecom Network Management, Wireless communications, Smart Grid, and currently focuses on Cybersecurity. He is frequently solicited to speak on Cybersecurity topics at public conferences, workshops and panel discussions. His past roles include Chief Scientist & Strategic Innovations Director, Penn State University, Principal Consultant, Energy sector practice, Scitor Corporation and Technical Executive at EPRI, Palo Alto.

Dr. Ibrahim graduated with Honors in Physics (Suma cum laude) from Syracuse University in NY, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin, and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

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